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IMAGE-SPACE ... Webology is full of words ... words that seek to act as bridges ...for ideas from pure mind-space to eye and ear space ... some words generate images ... when i write 'flower' - each of us comes to the word with a certain picture ... when i write black cat - we may 'see' a black cat in our mind's eye ... I also like wordless images - whether photographed, drawn, painted, sculpted or computer-generated ... the saying 'a picture tells a thousand stories' is at the heart of my connection with 'stand-alone' images ... when we enter an image, we enter a space full of our own ability to penetrate the surface and interpret form, line, shade, color, and the overall composition ... there are none of the 'restrictions' that words are wont to bring about ... at its best it is a process of 'seeing' and 'perceiving' that escapes the intellect ... a pure, raw witnessing ... these images are about the word-free space ... though sometimes it is also good to implement an interplay between words and images (and sounds) ... that is also part of this theme ...


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